Strength of MindBody

Holistic Coaching

Foundations of Health

Remember, optimal health and vitality begins with these six foundational principles;

  • Thoughts.  Healthy thoughts create healthy bodies
  • Breathing.  Focusing your attention on deep healthy breathing reduces stress
  • Hydration.  For optimal health drink .033 L of water for every kg of your bodyweight daily 
  • Nutrition.  Eat high quality organic food that is right for your biochemical individuality 
  • Sleep.  Getting to bed before 10.30pm every night will promote optimal health 
  • Exercise and movement.  Exercise regularly and include energy building exercises for vitality

Mastering You

4 Doors to total Mastery over your entire life, each door has 3 keys to unlock it.

  • Core - Movement, Nutrition, Rest
  • Consciousness - Connection with higher self, Purpose, Connection with self
  • Clan - Marriage/Relationship, Kids/parents, Community/Extended family
  • Cash - Create/Production, Balance/Profit, Growth/Savings

Life Principles

Here are 8 life principles I try to apply daily

  1. Live in the now (Be present)
  2. Live with Intensity and passion
  3. When = Now
  4. Tell the truth (speak from the heart)
  5. Take action (ideas are not enough)
  6. Lead from example (not just words)
  7. Trust your Instincts
  8. Be grateful

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